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Corrupt Official Cards

Captain Arthur Swarvey
A crazed, unscrupulous old sea captain. Costs a greedy $500/rd and is about as reliable as a weather forecast (3/6).
Captain Bertram Hardcastle
A fine upstanding ex-navy officer...except that he takes bribes. Costs only $400/rd and is quite trustworthy (4/6)
Captain Piotr Nevaskovsky
An experienced Russian smuggler. Deals in top quality crack and disillusioned communists. A pricey $700/rd, but he's very efficient (5/6).
Judge Abraham Hogswill
A venerable and respected judge who's tough to bribe ($1,000/rd) and very upright (5/6) but is partial to the ladies and can be made to see sense.
Magistrate Edward Patison
A middle-aged magistrate frustrated with his work. He doesn't really care about life any more and is proud ($750/rd) but easily corrupted (4/6).
Benjamin Brown QC
An arrogant young barrister who's too up himself to accept anything udner $1,000/rd but has the weaknesses of the young (3/6).
Manhattan Police Chief Fred York

Bronx Police Chief Daniel Williams

Brooklyn Police Chief Tarquin Sponduliks

Queens Police Chief Greg Tuxedo

Staten Island Police Chief Arnold Arrowsmith

Freddie Fourfingers

Runs a gang of shadowy hitmen. Hire for $60/rd per neighbourhood. Strength 4.
Mickey Delaney

Owns a brutal five man "security firm". Hire for $50/rd per neighbourhood. Strength 2.
Giulio Giocoso

Runs a group of gun-toting psychos. Hire for $80/rd per neighbourhood. Strength 4.
New York Symphony Orchestra

A gang with machine guns in violin cases. Hire for $5,000/rd to protect all neighbourhoods. Strength 6.

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