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Events Cards

Events cards are drawn at the end of each C-round. A global card is drawn for everyone, each mafia Don picks a mafia card and each civilian takes a civilian card.

Global Events

A giant cruiser has docked at Belle Harbour. The huge crew of sexually frustrated sailors have a week's leave. All brothels make double profit. Turbulent seas mean that any smuggling runs this month have a 50% chance of sinking without revenue. A serial rapist is on the loose in the Bronx. All neighbourhoods there are paying no protection money until someone acts.
Subways across New York are down due to power failure. Every scene in the B-round costs $50 in cab fares. A new Chief of Police has been employed to replace PC Tarquin Sponduliks of Brooklyn after news of his various indiscretions got out. This one will be twice as hard to bribe. A vicious strain of influenza comes in from the docks. Each person has 10% chance of catching it and losing 2 strength.
Horowitz is playing Carnegie Hall, attracting the upper echelons of New York society. All Manhattan restaurants, bars and shops do double business and bookies each make an extra $200. It's Carnival and the City is strewn with revellers. All B-round scenes should take this into account. It's good fun having a chase scene in a Carnival parade. Escape from the Bronx Zoo! Any B-round scene set in the Bronx must incorporate a dangerous escaped animal.

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Mafia Events

Due to a crackdown on crime after a series of major bank robberies in Lower Manhattan, all police bribes must be doubled this month or risk arrest (25% chance) An outbreak of cholera at the docks means they've been shut off. No smuggling takes place this month. A brawl broke out in one of your speakeasies. A gun was pulled, someone got shot, and the police have been keeping a close eye on you. This speakeasy gives no revenue this month.
Your whisky supplier is in trouble with the police. Any speakeasy you own makes only half revenue this month. The star girl at one of your brothels has committed suicide after a pimp beat her up. The pimp has fled. It yields no income this month and there's a 25% chance the police find her body in the river and close the joint down. A fire at one of your fine institutions puts it out of action for the foreseeable future. Capisce?
Some local youths break into a bookie you own. It yields only half revenue until you've sorted the youths out (in the B-round). A card-counting savante gets out of your biggest gambling club with this month's takings. No revenue from this joint this round. All your whores are complaining about pay. They threaten to go elsewhere unless you give an extra $100/brothel. If they go elsewhere, any other Don who owns a brothel earns an extra $100/brothel.
Some racial tension in the Bronx means that any immigrant racketeering is inadvisable this month. If you choose to take the risk there's a 50% chance you'll be found out. One of your top "ladies of the night" has run off with a filmstar and left her sinful ways behind. The inconvenience costs you $200. Your cousin is getting married. It would be disrespectful to donate anything under $200 as a wedding gift.
Damp is discovered in one of your buildings. Repairs will cost $200. An 'incident' with an assassin leaves you with a spinal injury. You're unable to walk or move any part of your face for a whole month. Your ladies of the night are getting pregnant too often. You need to find a Civilian doctor who'll do abortions. Pay him $100 per brothel. If there are none then your brothels lose 50% profit.
A couple of regular gamblers at a club of yours (you choose which) turn out to be FBI agents. All illegal operations within three neighbourhoods of the club must close for a month (better to be safe than sorry). The club in question must close permanently. The New York Times publishes a less-than-complimentary article about you, suggesting your associations with certain high-ranking officials. Your corrupt friends are feeling uneasy. You need to sort out this journalist punk before he ruins your reputation, otherwise you might lose 1d4 of your bribes... Your Godson asks a favour. He wants $500 to set up a pasta business in LA. How can you say no?
One of your brothels is stricken with syphilis. It brings in no revenue this month and costs you $200 in funerals. Word's up there's a large amount of heroin needs shipping into the US. If you have the wherewithal it'll cost $10,000 with a guaranteed $50,000 return if you're not caught. A leak on the horses means that your bookies each need bailing out to the tune of $500.
A dodgy croupier has been rigging tables and the regulars have smelt a rat. You clubs rake in only half revenue this month. Following the closure of a number of speakeasies elsewhere in town your joints are doing well this month, accruing double profit. A group of vigilante do-gooders in one of your neighbourhoods have started kicking up a fuss about having the mafia in their area. It generates no protection money till you "make them see sense".
You get a tip-off that a disguised Lord Judge Fosbilius is a regular at your gambling club. When he finds out you know, he says he'll do you a future favour if you're willing to overlook it. An archaeologist believes that your most expensive building is on top of a 17th century stronghouse full of gold. He wants to excavate, which would shut you down for two months. If he's right though, there could be $100,000 worth of treasure buried under your very feet! If you want him to dig, there's a 25% chance he'll have success. A grateful friend whose business you once saved from ruin wants to repay you. You find $1,000 in a brown envelope on your desk.
A grateful lawyer who you helped through law school (by bribing his teachers) now owes you a favour. A doctor who you once helped out of some stick with the Medical Association now owes you a favour. You once gave a nephew a lucky break. He's done well on it. Now, as the editor of the Tattler magazine, he's indebted to you.
A builder you once gave a helping hand now owns a large construction company. He offers to build you an institution of your choice and it will cost you only to supply staff (half-price). A hotelier friend offers you a free meal at the Palazzo Vecchio restaurant. Leave this card with a trusted Civilian who you don't think will betray your position to the other Families. An indebted friend of yours ranks high in the Haberdashers' Union and could sort out (or cause) any amount of trouble for anyone who owns tailors shops or factories.

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Civilian Events

A big man in a fedora keeps coming into your property (if you own one) demanding protection money. He threatens to send in his boys unless you come up with $200 a month. You've heard on the grapevine where one of the Three Families' headquarters is located. If you choose to inform one of the Dons, they can attack that Family at their Family home this round. However, there's a chance (50%) it's a police setup where everyone involved will be arrested. You see an old man being attacked in an alley. You shout and run to help him. His attackers flee. It turns out he owns a big newspaper company and he's extremely grateful. He owes you a favour. (Reliability 5/6)
You accidentally set fire to the house you are currently living in. If you're renting it you have to pay $100 damages, if you own it you have to pay $100 repair costs. And you have to find somewhere else to live this month. You're involved in a drunken street brawl. Either lose 2 strength or pay $100 fine for disorderly behaviour (or go to prison for the next A-round). You win $50 at a game of bingo.
A shadowy man pulls you into an alleyway and asks you a favour. "I want you to assassinate this man," he says, pulling out a photo of one of the three Dons. "Get close to him, work for him, then...shoot him." He hands you a gun. "There's $100,000 in it for you when the job's done. Capisce?" A man in the street thrusts a package into your hands and says urgently: "Meet me here next week," before rushing off into the crowd. Later, when you check in the package, your worst fears are confirmed. It contains a gun. You meet him in the same place at the right time and he hands you $200 for your troubles. "Grazie." If you run any shops, one is burgled and you lose all this month's profit from it.

I'm still looking for ideas for about 50 Civilian Events Cards, so if you have any suggestions (or even suggestions for global and mafia cards), email them to me at ephemeralstability@strolen.com. I'll make sure any contributions are properly acknowledged.

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