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Obviously personal relationships can strengthen the financial situation, and troubled, adulterous relationships can lead to retribution and revenge killings. In short, it adds a complex dimension to the game to allow players to fraternise, flirt and marry. Any marriages either take place informally (jumping over a broom) in the A-round or formally (with a Civilian acting as minister) in the B-round.

Babies and pregnancy can add another interesting aspect to the game. Imagine the scene: "Eh, you knocka up my daughter, you leava 'er for some other broad and now you expecta mia to 'elp you against Don Capulet? You getta no 'elp until you make an honest woman of 'er!". Any two players may decide to "mate" at some point during the A-round and there's a 50% chance the female will become pregnant. She makes the die roll in secret and can choose whether to tell anybody. If she goes to a doctor for abortion against her father's wishes then she's opening herself up to blackmail by the doctor. Two rounds after conception, the baby is born. Babies are an added financial strain ($200 per round) and are prime targets for kidnapping and holding to ransom.

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