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So what can you spend your money on? Following is a comprehensive list of properties you could buy. Note that when buying a property you must specify where it is on the map and mark it with the relevant piece on the board. It's best to keep a record of the properties you own, in case there's a dispute over territory...



Newspapers have a lot of power. As a journalist you're expected to randomly interview people and do a brief news report at the end of every B-round. This allows you to do a lot of spin for the mafia, and you can also be used to set up or bribe various officials by threatening to publish dodgy information about them.

Subletting is illegal. 25% chance of being found out and fined $200.

There are no properties for Law, simply "ranks". You earn a basic wage, which is supplemented by bribes from people who want you to work for them. To become a barrister or judge you must get another judge to recommend you for the post. Some of the mafia Families may have influence over existing corrupt judges and if you ask them nicely, they'll bribe the judges to recommend you.

As a doctor (owning anything better than a quack stall) you may be called upon to heal injured people. It's best not to ask how they got into the state they are in, but to charge your visitors extra for your silence...

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