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The game is divided into rounds, each lasting approximately half an hour and corresponding to a month in game time. The structure of a round is as follows:

A-round: The Families discuss amongst themselves plans for the coming month. The Civilians live their lives, having relationships, mugging each other, running shops and restaurants, spying for the Families who employ them. The Families can come around extorting money from the Civilians, or hiring them to work as hitmen, spies or strongarms. All activity is in character. The A-round lasts 10 minutes.

B-round: This is the acting round. At the beginning of the round the Dons write requests for scenes. So if the Montague Family wanted their sons Antonio and Baranzo to attack Joe's Shady Bar owned by the Capulets, they'd write "Antonio and Baranzo raid Joe's Shady Bar". If they wanted to blackmail Detective Inspector Wiggum by setting him up at the scene of a murder in the Lincoln Arms Hotel, they'd write "Lincoln Arms Hotel with DI Wiggum". The Civilians may play themselves, or they may be asked to play character roles (e.g. the role of DI Wiggum) or just be innocent bystanders (who can take part to make things more interesting of course!). It's recommended that no more than six people take part in any one scene, as it'll get messy and disorganised quickly. The others watch as events unfold.

C-round: This is the business end of things. The Dons meet, declare their actions for the round (e.g. setting up a club, bribing a corrupt official) and take home the money their activities have earned them. Also, everyone is given "events cards" which affect them. For a Civilian these might say "Your nephew has been imprisoned for illegal drug dealing. You know he's innocent. It's a blot on the family name," and they would have to go to one of the Dons to ask for his influence over a judge to free the boy. For a Don it might say "A foiled gambling ring in Chicago has made the government angry. The police have been told to be more active. Pay an extra $500 to any police bribes this round".

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