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Some of the most lucrative activity is smuggling. Narcotics and illegal immigrants are the main areas the mafia control. The risks are high, but the payoff can be fabulous, with profits of up to $20,000/rd. In order to smuggle, you must have bribed a dockworker who will perform the run for you, bringing in the goods. It's also advisable to bribe the police in the area of the docks to minimise the possibility of raids (see below).

A drugs run will cost $10,000 and will give a return of $5,000 x 1d6.

An immigration run will cost $5,000 and give a return of $500 x 1d6/rd.

Depending on how reliable the Captain is, there may be a police raid. A successful raid (when the Captain fails his reliability check) would result in all money being lost and the Captain in question being imprisoned for two round (three rounds if it's a drugs run). There's a 25% chance the police will be able to trace back to the mafia and imprison one of the Family members for the same length of time. If the police in the relevant area have been bribed then the Captain gets a +1 bonus to his reliability and Family members will not be imprisoned.

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